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Weatherproofing may seem like a luxury at first, but in actuality, it can save a homeowner a lot of money. Proper insulation, temperature-controlling windows, and weatherstripping around doors and windows can save you monumental rates in heating and air conditioning, not to mention greatly improve the quality of living in your rental property. We can help you figure out which investments in weatherproofing will give you the best return on your money. Additionally, we can help you take advantage of tax breaks that come with eco-savvy improvements to your property.


Here in northern Utah, we’re familiar with cold that creeps through the windows and under the doors. And then, of course, there are those summer days whose heat leaves us tired and restless at the same time. But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can greatly improve your property values and keep your tenants happier with some simple weatherproofing measures.


Advantages of Weatherproofing


Lower Utilities. Even if you’re not paying for utilities, this is an important benefit because smart renters keep track of utility costs, and they know that updated weather proofing pays for itself in time. In an old house, proper weatherproofing can cut your yearly gas and electric bills in half!


More Comfort. A draft that sends you running for a blanket can seriously interrupt your day. Furthermore, if your house’s temperature is inconsistent from room to room, it can cause big problems for tenants.


More Energy Efficiency. Do your part to lower your carbon footprint by preventing waste of energy. Often, there are even tax breaks that take a step towards compensating you for taking steps to weatherproof your property.


Protection for Your Investment. Some of the most common contributors to significant repair costs can be prevented through weatherproofing measures. Weatherproofing can prevent pest infestations, water damage from storms, and even frozen burst pipes.


Weatherproofing Services


  • Doors: Weatherstripping around the edges, and a doorsweep on the bottom
  • Windows: Insulating foam to make sure that they close up tight, and insulating window films that are clear, but block out the hottest rays of the sun.
  • Sealing: Close up cracks and holes in the walls, ceiling, and roof to keep your conditioned air inside where you need it.
  • Pipes: Your hot water can lose steam when it runs through un-insulated pipes. Furthermore, pipe insulation will prevent frozen, burst pipes, and decrease the noise that old plumbing makes. Additionally, an insulating blanket wrapped around your water heater is an easy fix that will save you money every month.
  • Insulation: Insulation in the walls and ceiling provide a solid buffer between the inside and the outside. However, insulation can lose its efficacy over time, and you’ll be amazed what new insulation materials on the market can do!


To learn more about our comprehensive weatherproofing services, give us a call. Our reliable, experienced technicians provide excellent and unobtrusive customer service in order to make your house ready for weather’s extremes.

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