RenovationsYou can greatly increase the value of your home or rental property with some strategic updates and renovations in the space. We have the experience to guide you to the changes that will make the biggest difference in the value of your home and the connections to help you get a fantastic remodel for a competitive price.


If you’re renovating in between tenants, it is vital that the job be done effectively and efficiently so that you can get back to earning income for your property. Quality craftsmanship done on a deadline will keep you getting the most from your rental property. Along with a property value increase, it is a great time to install energy-saving upgrades to help the environment and to decrease utility bills for you or your tenants. In addition, when you are tearing open walls, it’s a great time to check that electrical, plumbing and foundational work are all up to code. Hence, a remodel ends up keeping your home safer as well as giving it greater value. The payoffs for renovation are countless.


Most often, buyers and renters are looking for an upgraded kitchen. The modern convenience that comes with newer appliances and an ergonomic and beautiful design are invaluable. The current trend is to have a large kitchen with an open concept to the dining and living room spaces. We can tear out walls, upgrade countertops, install new appliances, revamp or install new cupboards, or completely redo the design of your kitchen. No task is too great, and we have our finger on the best in design and efficiency.


Another big seller for buyers and renters is a luxury bathroom. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to add value. Cosmetic work, like a new coat of paint or replacing cupboard faces, can go a long way in making the bathroom look high-end designer. But, if you have bigger dreams and a total gut job is necessary, we have the skills to make that happen. A nice, new tub, tile work, and a granite or quartz countertop add significant value and aesthetic to your bathroom.


We can also renovate bedrooms or living spaces. Consistent laminate or hardwood flooring throughout an entire floor is a popular route to go to make the space more desirable. It might be time to install new energy-efficient windows, which will benefit you and your tenants greatly. Or maybe you just want to add design to make the space more aesthetically pleasing. These avenues are all possible within a reasonable time frame and with no effort on your part.


If you want nice external finishings to add curb appeal to your house, we are more than able with designers and staff to get the job done. We can paint, install new siding, or do stonework. Upgrading the outside can be just as, or even more, important to attracting buyers or renters.


Trust our expert opinion and consult with us about how to get the most bang for your buck in your space. It will be worth it in the end.