Property Turns

We know that minimizing vacancy loss is very important. Our team can get into your unit(s) and get them turned quickly, most times within 24 hours of a tenant moving out. Faucets working, toilets working, outlets working. Junk outs can be part of a property turn, but only when there is a bunch of crap to remove. Happens every single time a tenant moves out. Smoke detector changing, light bulbs, etc. Get it back to rent ready status.

Ideally, when you have a tenant move out, you have a 60 day notice of their departure. This gives you adequate time to prepare for them to move out, and to market the unit so you can get another tenant moved in quickly. Sometimes, however, you don’t get this notice, and you’re left with an empty unit without much notice, and therefore not enough time to find someone to take over the space.

Having a vacancy, unexpected or not, can put you into a rough financial situation. In either case, whether you have adequate time to replace the tenant or you’re scrambling to find a replacement, it may be imperative to get the unit ready to inhabit again as quickly as possible.

24 hour turn over

Although this timeframe can slightly vary depending on the circumstances, we strive to get a property turned over within 24 hours. So your tenants move out, and you can have new tenants moving in at the end of the next day. This way there’s no gap in rent payment made to you, and you don’t suffer any sort of financial loss.


Light repairs are included in our 24 hour property turns. We’ll make sure that everything is functioning, so your new tenants won’t run into any issues. We’ll check that all of the appliances are functioning, that water is running properly, and that nothing was left behind. Your new tenants won’t even be able to tell that someone else was living there before them.

Junk Outs

In the event of a necessary junk out(when the previous tenant leaves a considerable amount of their junk in the unit after they’ve moved out), the process may take slightly longer, depending on the amount of junk left in the unit. In this case, we’ll talk about specific time frames and issues, on a case by case basis. Some junk outs don’t take very long, while others may take longer to make sure that the unit is ready to be inhabited again.


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