Lawn Care

Lawn mower.

Lawn care is one of the quickest ways that people judge whether or not your property is clean, sturdy, and well-cared-for. Not only does a good lawn add greatly to the quality of life for your tenants, but it can also add greatly to your rent and lower your turnover expenses.


Effective, regular lawn care can save you water, prevent pricey problems like fungus and disease, and keep your property looking pristine.




One thing that few renters realize is that you can have a beautiful, green lawn without spending an arm and a leg on water costs. In fact, it’s much better for your lawn to water deeply and infrequently than it is to water the surface every day. Smarter lawn care eliminates the need to spend more, and waste water, for the same result.


Water costs are an especial area of concern in northern Utah. Utah receives one of the lowest levels of rainfall each year. And yet we’re one of the highest consumers of water per capita. Most of this extra water is going towards misinformed lawn care. When you have our professionals taking care of your lawn, you can trust that you’re getting effective care without wasting water.


Healthier Lawn


Grass does best with certain maintenance. First of all, trimming it regularly will inhibit fungal growth, discourage pests, and maintain steady growth during the sunny season. However, cutting corners by trimming it too short and mowing less frequently can compromise your lawn’s health, causing it to get scorched by high temperatures and allowing more water to evaporate between watering.


Secondly, we can keep your lawn healthy by treating it regularly with fertilizer, and keeping an eye out for problems like mold, fungal growth, or dead patches. With our experienced care, you can rest easy knowing that your lawn will look beautiful every day.


Lower Costs


Regular maintenance might seem like a problematic cost, until you realize the true cost of NOT maintaining your lawn effectively. If your lawn becomes diseased, or dry patches make it necessary to install new panels of turf, your lawn care costs could suddenly spike. Well-established lawn will hold up better to the onslaughts of frequent use, scorching sun, or sub-zero winter temperatures.


Curb Appeal and Property Values


Nothing says “family-friendly home” like a healthy, green lawn. A well-maintained lawn increases the value of your property because it expands the usable area for your tenants. For families with pets or children, a good lawn is a dream come true. However, if your tenants have to maintain the lawn themselves, they might find themselves unable to keep up with the time requirements, and your property will suffer the consequences.

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