Heating and AC

Adjusting the temperature

Protecting your tenants from Utah’s extreme highs and lows in temperature is vital in maintaining liveable conditions. Make sure that your units are well-cared for, and that you have a good resource available if you need repairs or replacements.


One of the biggest investments you make in your property (besides the house itself) is the air conditioning and heating systems. Each system costs thousands of dollars to purchase and install. However, it’s the follow-up costs of repair and maintenance that truly frustrates property owners.


Integrated Controls and Systems


Even though heat and cool air come from different sources, they’re often integrated into the same control system so that tenants can conveniently manage the internal temperature of their home. As technology gets more and more advanced, we’re able to control the temperature more closely and with more convenience – sometimes even with a few touches on our smartphone.


Our heating and cooling specialists make sure that your systems are up to your specifications, utilizing the latest technology to give you the best energy savings and most convenience.




If your heating or cooling unit isn’t functioning the way it should, it’s important to hire someone who can quickly identify and solve the problem. Whether the issue is a problem with the ignition control, the thermostat, the filters, an internal mechanical problem, or the electrical or gas hookup, someone who’s familiar with common complaints, and with the unit in question, will be able to quickly troubleshoot and get it back up to snuff.




Most people neglect to care for their heating or air conditioning unit until something gives out. However, you can extend the life of your unit and the efficiency of its operation by performing regular maintenance. This can range from replacing the filters to cleaning and lubricating the equipment. It also includes a visual inspection to ensure that there’s not built-up pressure or worn-down parts.


Regular maintenance can prevent costlier repairs down the road. It can also ensure that your air control is running effectively, even through the coldest night in winter and the hottest day in summer, when overtaxed systems usually give out.


Effective and well-tuned temperature control systems will help you keep quality tenants longer, since the quality of living is elevated by efficient operations, and the utility costs are lower each month. It also helps you protect your investment and keep the property values high.


Reliable Technicians


Here at Husky Property Maintenance in Utah, we hire only the most experienced and trustworthy technician’s, so that you and your tenants will feel comfortable and confident about the repairs that are done in your home.

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