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Sometimes the needs of a front and back yard (or a courtyard or park) go beyond regular lawn care. Strategic planning, building out special projects, or removing unwanted vines, shrubs, and trees can make a huge difference in the quality of your landscaping, but can seem like daunting tasks to the amateur landscaper. In order to make sure that you have high-quality work with a quick turnover, trust our professionals to coordinate and improve your house’s facade.


Create a Great First Impression


Your landscaping acts as the frame that sets off your property to its best advantage. Although few people have the professional eye that allows them to identify exactly what it is that distinguishes a beautiful property from a substandard one, the answer is often in the details of the green design around it. Landscaping and gardening can draw attention to certain features, and shield more unsightly areas from view. It’s what makes the difference between a “property” and a “home” to anyone who comes to see your house.


Strategic Planning


A beautiful residential landscape can create a garden oasis in the middle of a city. However, smart landscaping is about more than beauty. Strategic planning can ensure that you get beautiful results while creating ecosystems that are positive for the area. It can use smaller spaces to greatest advantage, and give your tenants a space for all their outdoor needs. You can actually have lower energy costs for your home when you have a shade tree that prevents the sun from beating down too much heat on the house in the summer, and greenery that insulates the yard in the winter. Furthermore, planning out the placement of plants in your yard, and the types of plants that will be used can make the difference in hundreds of dollars less a month spent on watering costs in order to keep it looking green and healthy.


Remove Problems


Good landscaping will remove or prevent problems that can be frustrating, or even dangerous for your tenants and your property. For example, piles of dead leaves, rotting wood or branches, and messy, unmaintained corners of the yard can provide ideal habitats for rodents, insects, and other residential pests.


An unwanted tree can be a major liability for your property, even though a well-planned tree can raise your property value significantly. If your tree is causing problems for the plumbing system because the roots are aggressive, or the branches are impeding the electrical wires in the area, it’s important to carefully evaluate if the tree is worth the bother. Uncared for trees can also create a disaster when a windstorm sends broken branches falling on parked cars or your house’s roof.

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