Drywall repair

Drywall is one of the most commonly used materials used in residential property construction. It’s flexible and relatively easy to install. It also allows for great insulation in the home, and it’s cost-effective for interiors. Drywall is primarily composed of gypsum plaster. However, it can be mixed with fiber, plasticizer, and other additives in order to resist mold, damp, and fire.


Drywall installation and repair is a vital part of property management. Whether you’re embarking on a new remodel, you’d like to add decorative elements or safety features to your existing drywall, or you need to take care of repairs and maintenance, proper drywall installation and maintenance is important in order to protect the value of your property, and uphold high living standards for your tenants.


Water Damage (in ceilings, walls, or around sinks and showers) : simple drips in your plumbing, or leaks around joints and fixtures can lead to visible damage in your drywall. Sometimes, it’s a simple matter of covering a stain. In other cases, it might be necessary to remove a section to check for water damage and mold. Our experienced professionals can recognize problematic signs in the drywall, whether it’s on the ceiling or the wall.

Drywall Repairs

Small Holes and Punctures : Often, a simple thumbtack won’t leave a noticeable mark in the wall once a tenant leaves. However, larger holes from nails and screws and wall anchors can be harder to hide. We offer small patches for your drywall that will seamlessly blend into the existing structure, hiding any traces of former decorations.


Larger Holes and Tears : Whether the damage is a result of repairs that needed to be done in the walls, or it was just an accident, large holes in the drywall are an immediate eyesore. We know that it’s important to you and your tenants to have the problem taken care of in a professional and timely manner.


Cracks and Fractures from Settling or Shifting : if your house has shifted over time, and it’s resulted in cracks in the walls, we can easily repair the problem. Our experienced technicians can also help you determine whether the type of drywall you have already installed in your home will lead to more cracks and problems in the future, and give you a quality repair that will last throughout further shifts.

Decorative Textures

Did you know that the texture of your walls and ceiling can actually change the acoustics and lighting of a room? Drywall decorative features can add an extra element of character to your rooms. However, it requires artistic skills and consistency as well as the basic know-how of a handyman. We employ the best in the business so that you have high-quality drywall decoration and texturing that you’ll be proud of.


We also offer drywall services for larger projects, like a remodel or build. Contact us for more details if you need drywall installation & replacement.

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