Property Management Services

Property Management ServicesHusky Property Maintenance is a property management and maintenance business that offers excellent services for those who want to rent out property, but don’t want to manage it on their own. We offer a wide array of services and have a diverse network of professionals in Utah to fulfill every need you would have as a landlord. We are known for our efficiency and quality work. Let us handle your property for you.


Our management services are ideal for you if:


  • You live far away from your property
  • You don’t have sufficient time to answer your tenants’ needs
  • You’re an inexperienced landlord
  • You don’t like having direct constant contact with your tenants
  • You don’t know much about household maintenance and repair
  • You have multiple properties to deal with


We are ready to cover any property needs you may have at any time. You will gain credibility with renters by having our service available on demand.


What We Do For You


Property Turnovers


In between tenants, we step in to clean up any messes left with our junk-out services. We make sure that the home is in professional, pristine condition to prepare for the next tenants. We also perform an inspection and make any needed repairs before new tenants come in. And we do all this within a 24 hour timeframe. You won’t lose any money in the transition period because of lost time. We will efficiently take care of all needs within one day.


Home Service and Renovation Needs


If any renovation needs arise during renting time, we will act quickly to get them taken care of. You may choose to have work done between tenants as well. Either way, we will make quick work, whether big or small, with as little inconvenience as possible. We can perform a full property inspection to determine your home needs. Then, we handle all the electrical, heating and air, and plumbing services to make sure the home is working effectively and up to code.


If you decide to do a remodel, we will take care of all the renovation, drywall, and painting needs you have. We can also do weatherproofing to your entire property. You will never need to look elsewhere for your needs. Our company provides them all.


Year-Round Care


We also offer year-round yard care for your property. We have professional landscaping and gardening personnel who are ready to care for your yard. You can get your yard professionally designed and maintained regularly to keep it beautiful. Your tenants never need to feel pressured to take care of the yard themselves, which they will be grateful for as renters. And as the winter months arrive, we have snow removal services to always keep the driveways and walkways clear.


See our detailed service pages for more information.


Our Promise to You

We at Husky Property Maintenance promise to have you covered for all your home and property needs. You have our assurance that we will take care of it for you, and, entrusted to us, your time as a landlord will be completely hassle-free and a positive experience.