A wall is half painted with cans of paint and a ladder scattered through the room.Adding a fresh coat of paint is a great way to revitalizing and brighten up your home. The trick to painting is keeping the paint where you want it, and not all over the floor or your furniture. This can be challenging–and stressful–but it doesn’t have to be. If you’ve got a painting project that you want to do in your house, contact us at Husky Property Maintenance. Our painters are professionals with all the handyman experience you’d come to expect from time on the job. We will get your job done for you quickly, affordably, and beautifully.


We’ll do everything we can to minimize stress

Home improvement, while exciting, is also very stressful. It is hard to have your home out of sorts for any period of time. The longer things are upended, the more difficult it becomes. We understand that. That’s why we will send you the very best we have to offer. Our painters know how to work quickly and efficiently to get your house back to normal as fast as possible.


We are versatile

Whatever your job, we can handle it! If you only want one room to be repainted, let us come and help. If you want your whole house repainted with a different color in each room, we can do that too. Our teams are equipped and trained to deal with any project they are assigned.


We only hire professionals

At Husky Property Maintenance, we believe in providing quality work, not cutting corners. That means the people who show up to work on your home will be experienced professionals who are licensed to do their work. That means you can be confident they will take care of your home as they work to improve it.


Because we only hire professionals, we can work in a number of different paints and styles. Let us know how you want your home to look and we will get it there for you. That means you can be as creative as you want. Our painters will be there to make your home improvement dreams a reality.


We know that your home is special and important to you. That’s why we take special pride in our work, because we know you take pride in your home. If you have any painting needs, contact us and let us take some of the stress from your shoulders and give your home the makeover it deserves.