fall maintenance
Our seasonal maintenance packages help you keep your property looking and running great in every season. By bundling the services together, we’re able to offer you great value for all of your seasonal needs.

Buying services for maintenance, setup, and repair helps you to keep your property in great shape without any extra worry or bother from you. We can offer the best rate and convenience to both you and your tenants to ensure that winter snow or hot summer temperatures don’t slow you down.

Winter Package:

  • Snow removal – Living in Utah during the winter comes with some great advantages (skiing!) but those advantages can also be really inconvenient for your home. We offer snow removal so that your driveways and walkways are clear, and tenants can get to their job on time, even after a storm.
  • Gutter cleanout – Leaves and debris often buildup in gutters over autumn, and then when fall and winter storms come, gutters backup and overflow, which can cause damage to your roof and home. Gutter cleanouts can be annoying and inconvenient jobs, which is why we take care of it for you!
  • Ice melt – Applying landscape-safe icemelt to your sidewalks and stairs minimizes the risk of injuries that happen at your property and keep you and your tenants safe.

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Summer Package:

  • Sprinkler repair – At the beginning of the growing season, your sprinkler system has often been through a lot. Freezes and storms over the winter might have wrought some disruptions in the plumbing, and cracked or broken spigots. In order to keep your yard looking great and your water usage low, a tuneup in the spring is necessary.
  • Sprinkler startup – If you don’t yet have irrigation set up in your property’s yard, we can help you get that planned out in time to have a great summer lawn this year.
  • Fall cleanup – From pruning the trees to clearing debris from the yard, fall cleanup can include a host of things. But the important thing is that in the end, your yard will be beautiful, approachable, and full of curb appeal.
  • Bi-monthly mowing – In order to keep a healthy, green lawn maintained throughout the summer, we offer bi-monthly mowing.
  • Swamp cooler startup – Don’t have a cooling system already installed in your home to stay cool in the summer months? We help with that too. A swamp cooler can keep your property at a reasonable temperature for a reasonable price.

Read more about our summer package here.

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