A lush and beautiful lawn with a rustic stone path through it.One of the most challenging–yet rewarding–landscaping goals is a lush, green, beautiful lawn. Your lawn is your home’s introduction to visitors and can be extremely inviting. Unfortunately, lawns can also be demanding and are susceptible to numerous problems. Climate, drought, pests, and weeds can all wreak havoc on an otherwise gorgeous lawn. Furthermore, the size of your lawn, the grass type, and your area can all affect how you should care for your grass. Fortunately, at Husky Property Maintenance, we have expert handyman experience with lawns and can help you reach your goal.



One of the most common challenges with caring for a lawn is keeping it healthy and well watered. In a dry climate, like Utah, people sometimes over water their lawn in an effort to keep it lush. Really, less frequent–but deeper–watering sessions are best for your lawn because they allow the water to reach deep to the roots and encourage growth. Hose sprinklers are a great tool, especially for medium or small lawns, but you’ll need to remember to shut it off to conserve water. You can also look into installing an in ground sprinkler system, and program it to water your lawn for you.



While it might save time to mow your lawn short, it actually isn’t good for the grass. Generally, you should avoid cutting off more than ⅓ of the of the blade. Mowing higher will keep your lawn healthier and can help prevent weeds from taking root. If clumps of grass start to gather along the path of the mower, make sure to rake those up to prevent them from denying your grass sunlight. You’ll also want to check on your mower blade from time to time, and make sure that it is sharp. A dull mower blade will tear and damage your grass rather than cutting it clean off.



Your grass needs nitrogen based fertilizers to really flourish. For the best results, look for a mix of quick and delayed release fertilizers. A good mix will help get your grass green good and fast, and provide prolonged nutrition as time goes by.  In Utah, we have cool season grasses, and it is best to fertilize in the autumn and then again in the spring.


The perfect lawn is a fantastic goal, and it isn’t out of reach. But, if you can’t seem to get ahead of your lawn’s problems, you should enlist professional help. At Husky Property Maintenance, we have exactly the kind of lawn care expertise you need for a beautiful, lush, healthy lawn. Give us a call so we can give you a hand.