Gardening & Landscaping

Unique landscaping is becoming very popular in Utah. Some people look at tackling a new landscaping project as a joy and a use for creative energy. Others dread this sort of project. And some projects are just too big for one man to handle by himself. These kinds of projects require the assistance of a handyman and usually go beyond maintenance.


Problem Areas


The kind of big landscaping projects that require extra help are usually due to some sort of large debris or object that’s posing a threat. Things like a felled tree, poisonous plants, or a stubborn stump would fall into this category. Assessing these problem areas on your property is going to be the first step when one of our handymen comes to help with your property. Big objects like this that need to be removed are not safe, and should not be attempted to be removed by yourself because you’ll be at risk for serious injury. There are times to do a project yourself, and unfortunately, this isn’t one of those times.


Strategic Planning


Once any dangerous eyesores have been removed, the next step is to plan out the beautification. This could involve laying sod or re-seeding an area, digging and laying garden boxes or a fire pit, or planting or replacing large plants. There’s more to a beautiful area than just picking out brightly colored plants and watering the grass regularly. With careful planning, your property can be a stunning head-turner.